Heart of God Kingdom Works - About

Heart of God was an idea birthed in the middle of a library, while writing ideas in a binder full of filler paper in the Spring of 2013. The title was “Church Desire – What I Want in a Church for My Family”. For about two hours Pastor Dionna poured out her every desire for her family. The entry started very passionately about the important aspects of the ministry environment. However soon the structure, administration, funding and outreach were discovered. Hidden in a passion for family worship was the birthplace and vision not just for a local church body but an assignment for Kingdom exploits.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2014 did these papers even seem relevant. Pastor Dionna had closed the ministry founded by her late husband but maintained her commitment to the outreach. Her loyalty and sanity was questioned but she only considered her obedience to the Lord.

Pastor Dionna made an effort to secure a new location and begin fresh for the sake of the people who needed a place to worship. Nothing seemed to come together. Pastor Dionna still took the time to put everything in place to establish the ministry in 2015. By the time the paperwork was filed with the state Heart of God transformed into Heart of God Kingdom Works with Pastor Dionna and her children, one member, 10 people on the ministry mailing list and no plans to start having service.

The Lord sent His word – inhabit the desolate places. The ministry began searching for places that fit the instruction from the Lord. Armed with a vision, instruction, mentorship, funding projects and church plant strategy Heart of God Kingdom Works began gathering and preparing for Kingdom exploits. Today Heart of God Kingdom Works helps other ministries with church growth, outreach, church funding and discipleship, while building core and launch teams to inhabit the desolate places, filled with the Heart of God, striving to do the work of the Kingdom.