Buy-A-Brick Church Plant Campaign

How do you build anything? Piece by piece, brick by brick. While we are constantly working to build and train ministry teams, we are working to acquire facilities for worship and outreach. As teams are trained we declare the kingdom, preach the gospel, show the love of God within the communities we serve and souls are saved.

Every 90 days we endeavor to raise one million dollars to acquire facilities for the ministry and fund new outreach programming. Once this goal is reached 1-3 Heart of God ministries will have the resources to reach the community with programming, resources and ministry that will change their lives. These operation costs are covered for 3 years after completing a campaign. These ministries go on to establish not only a presence in the community but businesses, jobs and outreach that not only sustains the ministry but impacts and flows into the community.

Whether it is a one-time donation or you choose to sow regularly we appreciate your support of the vision here at Heart of God Kingdom Works. For every donation we receive is another brick in the building of the ministry for the Kingdom of God. Thank you.