Pursuits Enrichment Academy is an education enrichment program for students in K through 12th grade. Our goal is to work with students who have uncovered passion and desire to expand on that passion now while pursuing their fundamental education.

Our youth are hungry for life and hungry for God. If we provide an environment that will foster the fire they already have for the work of the Lord and the path He has placed in them for purpose we will be equipping a generation of Kingdom warriors that will glorify God as they bring change and declare revival throughout the world.

While this program may not fit the needs of every family, it will set a standard not only for education but for holiness in the lives of our young people.

This program is not a school program. However, we do work with families to find an excellent education program that will allow students to fully participate in the Kingdom Covenant Program.

The program offers:

  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Leadership Training
  • Business Training
  • Ministry Training
  • Science Program
  • Math Program
  • English/Literature Program
  • Foreign Language Program
  • Sports Program Music Program
  • Culinary Program
  • Technology Program


There is a tuition cost, and families are encouraged to participate in our fundraising projects to reduce the cost of the program and maintain the excellence of the program.

Our goal is to grow into a program that offers our program students a debt free college education upon the completion of high school.

Launching Fall 2018