Community is not just where we live but where we serve. At Heart of God, our kingdom works are serving the needs of our neighbors exemplifying the love of God in all that we do. (more…)


The Heart of God Kingdom Works is constantly building ministry teams to serve throughout the US. We offer extensive online and live training for our more in-depth projects. (more…)

Virtual Church

In Romans 10:17 the word says: So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. The most precious and powerful commodity in the universe is faith. If you want to change your world, you need faith.


We are glad that you have visited. The Heart of God Kingdom Works family would like the opportunity to share the word of God with you today. Explore our website to find information on our vision and mission, outreach and ministries, testimonies, campaigns, and projects. We hope you will be encouraged by the move of God and the success of the Kingdom assignment placed within our hands. Join us at any of our events or online as we share in fellowship, worship and the unadulterated word of God.