Dionna Ellison

Dionna M. Ellison is a native of Cleveland, Ohio. Filled with the Holy Ghost at age 7, she began working in ministry at the age of 10. She accepted the call of word ministry upon her life and has been sharing the word of God for over 20 years. Dionna M. Ellison served at God’s Will Church under the leadership of Pastors James & Chaundra Lukes for 19 years and also served with her late husband, Pastor Lyle A. Ellison, founder of Cornerstone Church International in Cleveland, Ohio. She is the mother of two daughters and one son.

Dionna is a published author, respected speaker and creator of curriculum for education, training, exposition and leadership workshops and conferences.  More than anything through her writing and instruction Dionna wants to share her passion for the word.

Dionna has operated her own consulting business since 1997 helping business owners make their mark.  Dionna was quoted as saying, “I believe everyone should follow their true passion, it will always provide for them, never runs out and has the ability to keep them satisfied past retirement”.

Heart of God Kingdom Works is probably the most detailed and expansive assignment she has ever received. Following the direction of the Lord in this new season and ministry phase of her life, Pastor Dionna has laid the groundwork and has begun to establish a model for true community impact through Heart of God. It is her belief that one must be called, anointed, and have true passion to be productive in ministering to the people of God. Her main objective in ministry is to bring wholeness to the body of Christ and reach the lost. Her ultimate goal in ministry is to create an atmosphere where the manifestation of God’s presence will release breakthrough, healing, and deliverance.